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The purpose of the pages prefixed by - The Lab is to give a workplace to people interested in imagining and developing a software that will be able, by means of inference and — in a particularly empowering way — of the principle of emergence, to turn personal wishes written in our everyday words (simple as that, but also written in several {different} ways, along with examples of satisfying answers ; see an explanation to the whole project here) into a perfectly functional semantic web — in other words, a web that can so well interpret our wishes that it will also be able to inform us of wishes from other people that pertinently answer ours !

Another useful thing that we want our software to do, is to sort, adapted for every place and person, the wishes by order of emergency, this with the help of the simplest of formulas applied to people's opinions about what that order should be. The details of the result, of the ordering itself, will not matter much, since it is only meant to be a suggestion, one may very well start reading it from the bottom up or, more wisely, through a filter ; the important thing is to have access to this roughly sorted-out list ofneeds. And, as a matter of fact, is there another aim than pertinently answering the needs and then the wishes to any economic system ? Answers, if any, go here.

Fred Mir has already written on the subject on his blog

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